Big Red and Driving the Bend

The year I met Big Red I was living alone in an ark under a bridge in St. Paul, Minnesota on the Upper Mississippi River. Dave’s Ark was a 42-foot home-built steel houseboat which, due to its ancient and long-ago seized-up Ford 302 engines, never went much of anywhere. But that was OK because I [...]

Night, Pop

’Night Pop, it’s your watch. I’m headed out,” I say aloud. Though it’s been three years since he died, I still do this sometimes at the end of my office day, and especially when it’s been a long hard one. I lean over the forward hatch of the model of Phyllis and peer down and [...]

The Key to Unlocking the Guilt

When the boats were all put away for the winter, and before the crocuses broke through to signal the coming of spring, the grandfather decided to build a grandfather clock. “An old style clock, with a slow swinging pendulum just seems appropriate, given where your mother and I are in life,” he’d said. He’d built [...]