Rounding the Bend…The Life and Times of Big Red

What do heroes look like? Certainly not like Big Red, a washed-up 290 pound Vietnam vet and ex-Mississippi River towboat pilot haunted by his past. There’s no ‘S’ on his huge chest, no cape on his back. He’s certainly no hero. Or is he? The answer is in his notebook. Penniless and cooped up in [...]

What If Whales Weren’t Big?

    The four of us were sitting around a mesquite-wood campfire at the base of a canyon amid the hills high above Tucson, near the old Tucson to Tombstone stagecoach road. We had spent all day in the saddle, my horse and I following Joe Valdez and his pack mule. Joe was a small grizzled [...]

Some Upcoming Mermaid Lectures

CALLING FOR MERMAIDS Here are some MERMAID SIGHTINGS, current and future (well, I guess there were no ACTUAL sightings, but we’ve sure had some fun readings, slide shows, and a theatre and music event since the publication of Watching for Mermaids). Here’s where we’ve appeared as well as some places we’ve been invited to swim [...]