Some Upcoming Mermaid Lectures


Here are some MERMAID SIGHTINGS, current and future (well, I guess there were no ACTUAL sightings, but we’ve sure had some fun readings, slide shows, and a theatre and music event since the publication of Watching for Mermaids). Here’s where we’ve appeared as well as some places we’ve been invited to swim to in the next couple of months:

Corinthian Yacht Club
Manchester (MA) Yacht Club
Portsmouth (NH) Yacht Club
Boston Yacht Club
Pelagic Sailing Club
Winthrop Yacht Club
New Hampshire Power Squadron
Maine Boat Builders Show
Sebasco Resort
Newagen Seaside Resort
Ericson Cruising Association
Tartan Cruising Association
Sabre Cruising Association
Numerous book clubs and Rotary events
Salem Theatre Company
Landfall Sailing Club (upcoming, February)
The Whiting Club
New England (Boston) Boat Show (upcoming February)
Essex Shipbuilding Museum (upcoming, March)
Manchester Boat Club (upcoming, March)
Smith College Alumni Book Club (upcoming, March)
The Corinthians, New York (upcoming, April)

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