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Rounding the Bend…The Life and Times of Big Red

What do heroes look like?  Certainly not like Big Red, a washed-up 290 pound Vietnam vet and ex-Mississippi River towboat pilot haunted by his past. There’s no ‘S’ on his huge chest, no cape on his back. He’s certainly no hero.

Or is he? The answer is in his notebook. Penniless and cooped up in a Minnesota veterans home by the banks of the Mississippi, he’s lost everything but his riotous wit. He won’t speak of his past with anyone. Instead, he writes in his notebook and stares out toward the River, wishing to once again ‘drive a tow through a bend on the Mighty Miss’.

Enter Wihopa, aka Toddy, Red’s nurse, a wise, nurturing and beautiful Lakota Sioux woman. She’s dauntless, spiritual, has a wit to match Red’s, and is a genius at transformational healing. Toddy grants Red his fervent wish, and together they head downriver on a tow. At day’s end, trapped by a freak fall blizzard and hunkered down aboard his old houseboat, Cirrhosis of the River, Red learns from Toddy what being a hero really means as she guides him back through the profound ethical choices of his past: from the horrors of Vietnam, to his bizarre confrontation with life, death, and the law off a remote Maine island, and finally to an astounding revelation.

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Watching for Mermaids
The writing of Watching for Mermaids actually began under the Wabasha Avenue Bridge on a houseboat named The Ark on the Mississippi River in St. Paul Minnesota on a Sunday morning in 1978. Odd place to start writing about mermaids. Odd thing to have seen: mermaids. But from that sighting in 1959 (when I was nine) until today I have been wondering and watching during my life on the water, whether sailing through the Bermuda Triangle while delivering a boat to the Caribbean, navigating between large barges on the Upper Mississippi, sailing three film makers across Lake Superior, or cruising with my wife and children back to Maine, the place where I first saw the mermaids. Along with these water-borne experiences came the stories of people, places and strange situations that became this book. I have been writing sea tales for as long as I can remember. I wrote The Truth About Mermaids story in 1978 while in my twenties; the last piece I wrote, Watching for Zephyrs, was in 2010, when I was sixty. It’s been a long swim. And I’m still watching.

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Getting the Job You Want… Now!
50 Winning Moves for Spotting Hot Companies, Identifying Hiring Patterns, and Landing a Great Job

I wrote this job hunting book as a collection of practical (and sometimes clever) job winning strategies gleaned from many years of helping clients from all levels and types of jobs. The book was geared to the mind-set of the job seeker in a challenging job market that resulted from massive corporate downsizing. I wrote it to ‘go down easily’ and quickly in the mind of the worried, frenzied job hunter. I knew from many years as a resume writer and job search counselor that, like the end user of a personal computer, the job seeker didn’t need or have time to know why it worked, but simply how to make it work. The short, powerful chapters guide the reader through every aspect of the job hunt, while maintaining an encouraging and reassuring tone throughout. A major publisher (Time Warner) enthusiastically endorsed my approach, theme and content, and funded the writing, development and national marketing of the book. I was honored that human resource leaders from a half dozen major U.S. corporations gave their hearty endorsement.

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